For who can know the Lord’s thoughts?  Who knows enough to give Him advice?

ROMANS 11:34 (NLT)


The message of the cross did not go down well with the Jews, who were offended by it, nor with the Greeks, who were amused by it (1 Cor. 1:22-23), as it seems to defy human reasoning and logic. Ever since then, not much has changed in the way the world looks at the cross of Christ!


A story is told of the legendary heavyweight champion boxer, who became so popular that a song, “Mohammad Ali, the Black Superman,” was written as a tribute to him. One day, while at the height of his career, Ali was on an airplane. As the plane was preparing to take off, the flight attendant came by and reminded him to fasten his seat belt. Ali said, “Superman doesn’t need a seat belt”.  The quick thinking flight attendant shot back, “Superman doesn’t need an airplane either!”


Sometimes people forget that they are never wise in and of themselves!  That’s why they are questioning God’s wisdom or telling Him what to do.


Once in a while, I take the dog out for walks. The law requires me to keep the dog on the leash when in public places. Sometimes, I have the feeling that it’s the dog that is taking me for a walk – she walks ahead of me and pulls me to where she wants to go, instead of following me. 


Sometimes, aren’t we guilty of doing that to God, our Master?  


The prophet Isaiah reminds us that God’s ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts (Isa.55:9). This means that there will always be some things about God and His ways that we will never understand. God has revealed to us everything we need  to know, not everything we want  to know. What we need  to know includes how to be saved and how to live as His children.


Even if God tells us everything we want to know, it does not help us because our little, finite mind will not be able to fully comprehend all the things of God!  Just as we are content to leave it to a doctor to carry out the treatment on our body or content to leave it to the mechanic to fix our car – we should leave it to God, the Creator to do what is best for us because He knows more than anyone of us.


Are you ready to trust God and His wisdom?