I went jogging. The decision to change direction from the same route gave me a new perspective. The view was different, the smell was different, the layout of the route looked different too! This is like now a road never before taken. The route felt longer because everything looked new. Same circuit, same distance, same starting point, but a fresh direction.

Everything was new in my first year at GPC. When I first started, I was full of passion. And after just one year, my heart is heavy, like it got stuck along the way. I need something more to push myself forward. But what is this “something more”?



Being a GPC connector is not about how good we are, but how willing we want to submit ourselves to God. Those who hesitate to sign up as connectors may think that they are not adequate. For example, some may think “I am a nobody. How can I reach out to those with much more established careers than me in GPC?”



I am now writing as a student of Singapore Bible College (SBC). I have just started my theological study (part-time) in July 2021, leading to a Graduate Diploma in Christian Studies.  The course is expected to complete in 3 years. My desire to study theology began in 2006 and finally materialized after 17 years. This also coincides with the conclusion of my corporate life and the beginning of a new phase and chapter of my life at the age of 57!   




Have you wondered what happens after God calls you? For me, ever since I responded to His calling to Mongolia, He has been equipping me to do His work. God has used every aspect of who I am - such as my background, my level of education, my past occupations, and experiences - to do His work.



Michelle Goh, Glory’s member, heeding the Lord’s call to missions in Thailand and has been serving there as a missionary with OMF since 2006.


       Whenever we talk about missions, most people think about missionaries and that it is only for those who have a clear calling and the gift of evangelism, and passionate about the lost. Some think of Paul in the Bible on his missionary journeys, bringing the gospel to places where people have yet to know of Jesus. Others think of brave pioneers venturing into tribes living in remote and difficult places, learning their language and living like them in order to share the gospel with them. For me, it wasn’t until I went through training in missions that I realized how little I knew about missions and how it’s done.