The name Leonardo Da Vinci has been around for ages – yet the name never generated so much interest among the masses in modern times…until a movie associated with that name was shown in our cinemas many years ago.  This movie, called “The Da Vinci Code” was based on a book written by a novelist who subtly mixed fiction with truth.  If you know your history, Leonardo Da Vinci was the one behind the famous paintings called “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper”.

There’s another great and famous individual known by the name of Michelangelo. I’m not referring to the teenage mutant ninja turtle who is also called by that name!  I’m referring to the great 16th century Renaissance artist and sculptor who lived in the same period as Leonardo Da Vinci.  Some of the most famous sculptures and paintings in the world were created by Michelangelo.  One of his greatest achievements was painting the entire ceiling of a huge chapel in Rome all by himself – which took him 4 years to complete!  The whole ceiling became his canvass and he painted it upside down lying on his back!  Michelangelo’s whole life and career was driven by something called “passion.” He was one of the few who enriched the life and culture of Europe with his passion for art. 

What about you?  What is your passion in life?  I’m referring to the things that get you excited – a strong desire and a conviction that motivates you and drives you forward. 

The word “zeal” and “passion” are often used interchangeably in Scripture.  Our God is portrayed in Scripture as a zealous and passionate God (Isaiah 59:17).  The temple-cleansing incident, which is recorded in all four gospels, reveals the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.  As Jesus drove the people out of the temple, John made reference to an Old Testament prophecy, “Zeal for your house will consume me.”(John 2:17, Psalm 69:9 ESV).

Zeal for the purity of God's house consumed Jesus!  In other words, he was passionate about the glory of God. His desire and delight is for God to be known, be loved and be honoured among His people!

Do you have the same passion when it comes to following and serving your Lord Jesus Christ?  Do you express the same passion when sins are been committed or condoned, when great injustice is being ignored?  Do you portray the same passion in your worship and service to God?

People who lack passion are easily noticeable.  You can tell by their attitude of indifference, their lack of motivation and interest and the lack of a sense of morality or righteousness.   

It is my hope and prayer that every one of us whom the LORD has called into the Glory community be known for our passion for God and for His glory!  May this passion be reflected in our lives and relationships, and in our worship and service to God!