GENESIS 45:24 - Joseph’s parting remark to his brothers before sending them off - Do not quarrel on the way.

As I pondered over this, I wonder what it means for the leadership and our walk with God. Are we conducting ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ?

At times, we lose sight of our goal as we serve alongside one another. Do we stand united in spirit and purpose to glorify God through our ministries. Even in relationships, do we treasure the blessings that we are able to walk alongside one another and serve our almighty God?  How often we end up having to “quarrel on the way”, quarrels that come in all shades, loud and harsh, gentle and diplomatic, but nonetheless hurtful and put others down.  

It is only fair to expect differences in outlook and perspective because we are all different.  Whether it is at our workplace, church ministries or personal life, the challenge, I think, comes when we must have our last and final say because we think we are never wrong and that we must say what is right. 

A month ago, Rev Dr Peter Poon’s sermon on “stirring up one another” puts in perspective our service to God, alongside others. Do we “stir up one another” or “quarrel along the way”?  Do we follow the letter of law but not the spirit behind it? Do we take umbrage at the slightest differences? Do we strive for unity or stir up strife?

Instead of apportioning blame or measuring guilt, it is more pleasing to God if we focus on how to build up, encourage and strengthen one another through spiritual conversations.   We are reminded time and again that words have power to build up or tear down.  Truth devoid of love leads to arrogance. 

Let us not take for granted the blessings God bestowed on us. The precious unity and the beautiful relationships God has given to us. A blessing we need to guard.

So may we be ever reminded to strive to love one another unconditionally and sacrificially so that others will know we are Christ’s disciples and may our love abound more and more for each other.

PSALM 133:1 - Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity.