During the National Day season, we will hear Kit Chan sing about Singapore as “Home truly,” but as God’s people we are constantly singing instead that “This world is not my home, I’m just a-passing through!” That “our citizenship is in heaven” (Phil 3:20).


Some have taken this to mean that this world is all bad and we are just biding our time to go to heaven. Others have taken to withdrawing from society or think it’s not necessary for us to be involved in the community that we live in or be bothered about politics as these things are “of this world” and pour our energies into church activities instead as they are of “eternal value.” In our desire for “a better country, that is, a heavenly one” (Hebrews 11:16) we can live in such a heavenly minded way that we are of no earthly good. 




In the last few weeks, some old injuries have given me a few nights where MacDonald’s words rang in my head throughout the night: “the sore unrest that tosses still.”


When what is supposed to bring rest to my body, like sitting or even lying down, brings unrest! In those times of unrest, of body and soul, I am thankful for friends who pointed me to draw back to the God who is near and willing to be with me in the dark times.




I am a first-generation Christian.  I started going to church by joining the Youth Fellowship at the age of fifteen, and it was there that I learned to sing this song - “In His Time”.  Initially, I did not know that it was based on a verse in the Bible – Ecclesiastes 3:11.  The lyrics contain two stanzas - the first stanza starts with “In His Time” and the second stanza starts with “In Your Time”. 




Michelle is a missionary with OMF (Overseas Missionary Fellowship) and has served in Thailand, first as an associate (2006-2008), and as a full member since 2011. She has been mostly involved in student work, discipling students and training them to be future leaders of the Thai church.



For those of you who are unfamiliar with me, I am Michelle Goh and I came to know the Lord when I was a teenager and a friend brought me to GPC YF. I was the first believer in my family, and I testify to the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness in how He has not just touched and transformed my life, but also turned the hearts of my family to put their faith in Him as well. The Lord brought me to GPC and grew me as young believer, through the YF and Bible study classes (Sunday school), and led me to serve in the YF, the church choir, and subsequently in Sunday school and Thai service. Through short-term mission trips to Thailand, I began to discern God’s calling for me to serve as a missionary in Thailand.



There are ups and downs in our daily lives – at workplace, health issues and family relationships. Some problems are easy to solve, but some difficult. During this season of social distancing, worsening of the economy, many are experiencing fear and foreboding feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic. When I am faced with problems, I get very upset, anxious, disturbed and frustrated. How about you? How do you cope in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the many problems and issues that it has generated?