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History of our Church

Rev Benjamin Peach Keasberry arrived in Singapore in 1839 and he established the Malay Chapel at Prinsip Street in 1848. This later became the Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church which is the oldest Presbyterian church in Singapore. Keasberry started a mission station at Bukit Timah to cater to the needs of Teochew-speaking Christians. He died while speaking in the Malay Chapel in 1875.

In 1856 Rev Thomas Mckenzie Fraser arrived and employed a Chinese catechist, Tan See Boo from south Fujian who was ordained as elder and he continued the work at the Bukit Timah mission station.

In Nov 1881, Rev John Angus Bethune Cook who had learned Teochew in Swatow came to take charge of the Chinese Church at Bukit Timah. Initially called the Chinese Christian Church, the name was changed to Glory Presbyterian Church in 1955.

In 1935, Dr John Sung, the Chinese evangelist came to Singapore and practically all the Protestant churches were revived. Membership grew and the Presbyterian churches began to grow. But by mid 1960 there was a swing towards English education and more English schools were established.

The then pastor Rev Yap Kok Hu noticed that members’ children, educated in English schools, began to drop out of church because services were all in Hokkien and Teochew. So he initiated the first English worship service at 7.30 am on 7 Jan 1968. Today we have grown to three services 7.30, 9.30 and 11.30.