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Church Wide Bible Study – CWBS 2016


Bible Study  

We completed our 6th year of CWBS in 2015 studying the book of the ACTS of the Apostles. In continuation, we will be looking at some of the letters written to the early churches by the Apostle Paul and James (leader of the Jerusalem church).

Hearing the true Gospel message was just the beginning. Right living – in response to accepting the Gospel – still needed to be addressed.

James was written to a Jewish audience, in particular addressing the issue of works vs faith. Faith must be expressed in our lives otherwise it is worthless.

In Galatians Paul the author of this letter established the Galatian church in his first missionary journey. But after he left Galatia, false teachers managed to deceive believers into following the ritual laws of Judaism to add to the Gospel.

1 & 2 Thessalonians talks about the imminent return of Christ. If Christ is returning, Christians must reject worldliness and live by the principles of Christ.

In Colossians Paul deals with spiritual knowledge mixed with legalism – the error that sanctification is obtained by accumulating knowledge. Instead, rightfully, sanctification is based on our relationship with God.

In these 4 books, the errors facing the early church are similar to what the church is facing today. The forms of these errors may differ but in essence the errors are much the same.

Join us for a season of study (and lifechange too) beginning 03rd Feb 2016, Wednesday. All classes are conducted on Wednesdays, 9:00am morning (ladies only) or 7:55pm evening.

Teaching Leaders: Our Pastors & Elders

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