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Church Wide Bible Study – CWBS

Church Wide Bible Study – CWBS 2017

Join us for our 8th season of bible study, community care and fellowship, as we go back to the beginning with Genesis.

Genesis is truly the book of beginnings – creation, all forms of life, marriage, sin, God’s redemptive plan, the beginning of nations, languages and God’s covenant people.

Why are we here?  Why are there suffering and death? What can we hope for?

Find the answers and more in Genesis, which unfolds the remarkable plan of a loving Creator God who designed us with a purpose.  Genesis displays God’s holiness and faithfulness, and His patient development of mankind’s faith in a coming Messiah. It provides a solid basis for hope and lays the foundation of the rest of the Bible.

All are most welcome to our weekly classes, on Wednesdays, 9:00am (day) or 7:55pm (evening). See calendar below for schedule of upcoming classes.  Join us any time during the year.

Teaching Leaders: Our Pastors & Elders

 Contacts for registration or enquiries

  • Elder Chan Hong Kiat
  • Sister Elsie Soh

Schedule for the year 2017:
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