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Pr Teo Seo Hoon

God spoke to me. He woke me up with this verse ringing in my heart and in my mind: “And without faith it is impossible to please God,…” Hebrews 11: 6.

A life of faith recognises that God is the Ultimate Boss and we are not. But our sinful nature tends to lean towards holding on to our finite ability to control the uncontrollable.

Many years ago, I fractured my left foot and was operated immediately in a hospital. When the anaesthetic took effect, I was just conscious for a few seconds. I struggled to breathe, just like a drowning person. You can imagine how fearful I was and I did everything I could to get up but my body was as dead as a corpse. God took that incident to make me realise how much I want to be in control of the uncontrollable. Our sinful self fights so hard to be in charge, to the extent that we become experts in pushing God’s voice and word out of our hearts. I repented.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, are you in a relationship or in a situation where fear and anxiety grip you because you are trying hard to control them? And hoping against hope to control in such a way to get your desired outcome?

God’s call to us is to surrender ourselves to Jesus again and again. To repent often and to repent always. Whether we want to believe him or not, everything is put under the charge of Jesus, nothing is outside his control (Hebrews 2:8). This is the one whom God has commanded us to place our trust and faith in. His love towards us is beyond what we can expect in our human understanding. Choose to trust Jesus and give up our need to control. I thank God that every day is an opportunity for me to exercise faith in God and not let anxieties and worries have a hold on me, knowing full well that even when I fail, grace and forgiveness is available for me because Jesus loves me. ”

The numerous characters listed in Hebrews 11 were commended for their faith because they held on to the promise that was not yet delivered to them. Such is the faith that pleases God.

Let us repent before God and humbly surrender our desire for control to Jesus. For if we pause longer and reflect, we have to honestly admit that we are finite creatures whose every breath is dependent on the Creator. May God help us to TRUST HIM, the one who controls and sustains everything, as we go forth this week into the world.