This is the archive of previous COVID-19 updates.

Update on COVID-19

27 October 2021


On 20 Oct, our government has announced an extension of tightened measures till 21 Nov as community cases are not stabilizing and healthcare system is under pressure. Please note Sunday worship service (onsite and online) remains at 8.30am with onsite service at maximum capacity of 250pax. We continue to enforce safe management practices consistently, taking guidance from health and safety advisories from the government.

Details on registration for passes and how to join online services can be found in


The start-up of 2nd worship service on Sunday 4pm is still on hold. With the constant uncertainties swirling, it would be difficult to roll out a 2nd service any time soon. For those who have expressed interest to attend the 4pm service, we seek for your prayers, understanding and patience. We hope you can still join the 8.30am service and worship together with other fellow congregants.


Youth Sunday School and Ascent may resume classes onsite from Nov 14 if there are no further restrictions from the government. More updates will be provided by Ministry leaders.


Sunday school classes for Pre-primary and Primary will be conducted online until further notice. Please email to or contact your child’s Sunday School teacher on any queries.


All other classes remain to be conducted online.


May we continue to uphold one another in prayers. Stay safe and know God is with us.


Update on COVID-19

30 September 2021


Over the past weeks, the number of Covid-positive cases have increased significantly in Singapore. The church leadership is concerned and has been evaluating the developments closely, taking guidance from health and safety advisories from the government. 


As of 30 Sep, physical service on Sunday morning is to continue as per current, and will scale down its capacity when it is necessary. Safe management practices will be upscaled. We like to encourage seniors, non-vaccinated and those with underlying health issues to join worship services online.  All other church meetings and activities are to be conducted online as much as possible. Pastors and church office staff are working from home, but nevertheless remain contactable.


We are monitoring the situation closely and will release regular updates. May we continue to uphold one another during this challenging period and pray for safe and speedy recovery of those who have been infected. Stay safe and know God is with us.


Start of 2nd Worship Service (Sundays 4 PM) is postponed

11 September 2021


The start of 2nd physical worship service is delayed due to rise of Covid community cases.

We will review and provide an update by end Oct on the commencement of the 2nd worship service.


2nd Physical Worship Service : Sundays 4 PM

2 September 2021


2ND PHYSICAL WORSHIP SERVICE AT 4PM STARTS FROM 19 SEPTEMBER: We appreciate the active participation on the 2nd physical worship service poll. With the confirmation of interest, GPC ES will hold a 2nd Service at 4pm at the Sanctuary starting from 19 September.


Worship capacity will be 50pax without any need for Pre-Event Testing (PET). Online registration for passes will start on 12 September, 6.30pm @ Look out for more details in GPC website. 


As we prepare to start this 2nd service, we need helpers to serve at the service. Please let the office staff know of your availability.


Covid-19 - Plans Ahead

21 August 2021


We praise God for Singapore has started its journey towards living with Covid-19, with gradual adjustment of safe management measures.

Starting from 5 Sep, 8.30am Physical Worship Service will increase its capacity from 50 to 250 pax. Worshippers who wish to attend this service are required to be fully vaccinated or cleared pre-event testing less than 24 hours before expected end of worship service. Children below 12 and worshippers with medical exemption proof are exempted. Please refer to the updated measures at

Live-streamed and recorded online worship service will continue as current. Sunday school at all levels and all other classes will resume on-site starting 5 Sep.


After much deliberation with Chinese Service Leadership, we are open to start a 2nd Physical Worship Service for worshippers, vaccinated or otherwise.  In compliance with the updated safe management measures, the lead viable option is an evening service on Sunday at 4pm. This may be a new normal. To help us in our planning, we would like to hear from congregation if they would attend this evening worship service.  A simple polling exercise will be conducted from Aug 22-28 via Thank you in advance for your participation, which will help to plan for our next course of action so that even more of us can worship together in person.


Covid-19 Safe Management Update

30 July 2021


In coordination with the GPC Chinese Service, the GPC English Service has been preparing for the eventual easing of Covid-19 measures in Phase 3. This would allow for church attendance to potentially increase to 250 pax for those who have been vaccinated and unvaccinated but cleared pre- event testing (PET). Concurrently, we are also considering opening another service without PET requirements in Phase 3, for a capacity of 50 pax, or as per restrictions defined. Our plans are to be executed in line with government regulations.


As preparation for readiness to expand our physical worship services, more willing workers will be needed. Please reach out to church office if you have the desire to serve God and His church. 


While we are anxious to return to physical church and return to our community, the current situation remains fluid and is constantly evolving.  We need to patiently trust in the Lord’s timing and continue to pray for wisdom for the church leaders.


Phase 2 (heightened alert) measures from 22 July to 18 August

21 July 2021

Our Government has just announced in returning to Phase 2 (heightened alert). Measures will be retightened from *22 Jul to 18 Aug*. The need to ensure hospital capacity is not compromised, the number of unvaccinated seniors (age 60 and above) and the extent of community exposure were key considerations for the difficult decision. GPC ES understands the challenges and supports in unity against the “formidable foe”. 


Sunday Physical Worship Service at 8.30am for 50 pax will *CONTINUE*  but will be in line with Phase 2 (heightened alert) measures. Key difference will be live singing is not permitted and therefore recorded hymns and praises will be played instead. Seniors who are *NOT* vaccinated (please refer to guidelines defined in are advised to attend worship service online for their health interests. 


All non-congregational classes and activities are to be conducted online with immediate effect.


Church Reopening Announcement

18 June 2021

As the chain of COVID 19 transmission has slowed down with community cases reducing, Singapore has returned to Phase 3 (Heightened Alert) effective 14 Jun 2021. GPC ES is now preparing to open the church for registration of physical worship services from 11 Jul for a capacity of 50 pax. Registration will start on 04 Jul, 10.30am. Do note registration for worship services on 25 Jul and 1 Aug will be opened ONLY to congregants who will be baptized, confirmed, or transferred into Glory ES family; and their family members. 

Sunday School at all levels will continue to be conducted online. Ascent will return onsite from 27 Jun. 

GPC ES Leadership is currently exploring starting a 2nd worship service in view of regulated capacity limit of 50 pax per congregational service without pre-event testing compliance. More details to be shared once they are available.

Worship Service to be fully online. 

17 May 2021

With rising numbers in community spread of Covid-19 virus, GPC ES leadership has deliberated and decided to cease physical worship with immediate effect.

Reservations for 23 May’s physical worship service will be cancelled. 

8.30am Worship Service will continue to be live-streamed from the Sanctuary. Worship service will only be ONLINE till further notice. 

Seniors and others requiring assistance or support, please reach out to our pastoral team at 64694761.

We understand this Phase 2 (heightened alert) is a trying period for all. Let’s support our community by staying safe and praying for one another. We trust God is good and will teach us to be faithful people in this time of crisis. 

On behalf of Glory English Service Leadership

Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) from 16 May 2021. 

14 May 2021

TODAY, our government has announced further measures to curb community transmission of COVID-19 which will take effect from 16 May 2021. 


Therefore the following changes will take place starting this Sunday, 16 May : 


Worship service capacity will be reduced from 100 to 50 pax till further notice. No pre-event testing is required to attend physical worship.


For those who have made reservations for 16 May physical worship service, please cancel your registration if prefer to join online instead. In the event that capacity is exceeded, we will need to cancel and notify those affected.


Singapore Community Measures from 8 May 2021. 

6 May 2021

On 4 May 2021, our government has announced additional measures to curb community transmission of COVID-19 which will take effect from 8 May 2021. 

Therefore the following changes will take place starting this Sunday, 9 May : 

​​​​​​​1) Worship service capacity will be reduced from 250 to 100 pax (occupying Zones 1 & 2) till further notice. No pre-event testing is required to attend physical worship. Congregational singing will be suspended during worship.

2) Sunday school for pre-school, primary and youth will be conducted online till further notice. Parents will be notified separately on the details.

3) Library services will be suspended till further notice.

4) Communicant classes will be conducted online.

We seek everyone’s understanding and to commit our church to our Lord’s preserving grace.

On behalf of Glory English Service Leadership.

Physical worship service capacity increasing to 250pax. Pre-School and Primary Sunday Schools resuming onsite. 

14 February 2021

As part of the Phase 3 reopening, the allowable capacity for physical worship services has been increased to 250 persons and an addition of 150 persons for religious classes. After weeks of deliberate planning, we thank God that we are finally ready to welcome more of you back to church from 28 February! 

1. Increase in capacity of physical worship service to 250

From 28 February, the capacity of the physical service at 8.30am will increase to 250 people, separated in 5 zones of 50 each. [Zone 1 – Sanctuary left / Zone 2 – Sanctuary right / Zone 3 – Sanctuary annex / (Zone 4 omitted) / Zone 5 – Chapel left / Zone 6 – Chapel right] Registration of passes will commence on 21 February. Live Streaming of the service remains available online. With the increase in worshippers onsite, safety is our utmost priority. Worshippers’ punctuality is even more necessary to ensure all safe management procedures can be completed prior to the start of the service.

2. Resumption of physical Pre-School and Primary Sunday School

The Pre-School (Nursery 1 onwards) and Primary Sunday School will be resuming physical classes in church from 28 February 8.30 to 9.30am at the same timing as the physical worship service. Classes will be held in the Education Building, at the basement and level 4 classrooms for Pre-School and Primary Sunday School respectively. Drop off timing is from 8.00am to allow sufficient time for temperature taking and attendance marking. Parents who wish to attend the physical worship service are encouraged to register early for physical worship service passes. For further enquiries, do send an email to or contact your child’s Sunday School teacher. Superintendents of Pre-School and Primary Sunday School are Ng Soon Yin and Elder Kelvin Zhu respectively.


18 Dec 2020: Update from the Glory English Service Leadership

15 Nov marked our physical worship resumption in Church. Though it was limited to 50 worshippers, it was great joy welcoming back the congregants. The Lord is good, and His love endures forever.

On 14 Dec, the Singapore authorities has announced Phase 3 of re-opening from 28 Dec.  Phase 3 will see the permitted group size for social gathering increase, including worship services which will increase to 250 worshippers in zones of 50 worshippers each. In turn, MCCY has cautioned and advised churches for congregation size to increase in progression, with no compromise to safe management practices.

In consideration of GPC’s worship halls capacity and personnel requirements, the leadership has decided to ease gradually during Phase 3 to allow careful adjustments on logistics, infrastructure and manpower planning.

Starting 10 Jan 2021, we are pleased to share the following:

1.     Physical Worship English Service starts at 8.30 am in the Sanctuary. Worship Service duration remains around 60 mins with required safeguards in place.

2.     Number of worshippers increases to 100 people for the physical worship service. Registration process for passes remains the same. Worshippers are welcome to attend the service weekly as long as passes are available. Trace Together – Safe Entry check-in via downloaded app or token are required. Using identity card is no longer acceptable.

3.     For those who are unable to secure passes, the physical worship service will be live streamed at 8.30am. The recorded version of the physical service will also be made available on the Glory ES YouTube Channel from 10.30am for those who prefer to worship at home. The links can be found on the GPC website.

4.     Pre-School and Primary Sunday School classes will be adjusted accordingly in view of the change in worship timing. Details will be communicated via the Sunday School Ministry.

We, Glorians have stayed united during this pandemic. Let’s continue to keep up our guard as the victory is not declared yet. It is likely we may not head back to the way things were before.  But as one Church of Christ, we will entrust and seek the Lord’s will and purposes.


31 Oct 2020: Update from the Glory English Service Leadership


GLORY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH has received approval for congregational meetings of 100 people at any point in time. Praise God for His Grace and Providence in sustaining the church throughout this pandemic season.


Starting from 15 Nov, the English Service will conduct a 1 hour service at 9.30am for 50 worshippers in the Chapel, while the Chinese Service will resume their service at 10am for 50 worshippers in the Sanctuary. The pre-recorded version of the English Service continues to be broadcasted online via YouTube at 9.30am.


Advanced registration is required to attend the ON-SITE worship services. Consideration will be given to those who are facing challenges tuning into the online services, and priority will be given to this group of people.


Look out for more details in the coming week on website, Facebook/Instagram and Whatsapp messaging.


The Church office remains close until further notice. Pastoral and administration team are contactable via emails, phone or via the website. General information and ministry related details can be found online in

Advisory on COVID-19

3 Oct 2020: Advisory from the Glory English Service Leadership

We are happy to receive news that effective 3 October 2020, our government permits congregational and other worship services to resume with safeguards in place for no more than 100 worshippers per service.

Together with the Chinese Service leadership, we are working on the plans for in-person gathering of congregants for worship services in the month of Nov 2020, subject to the authority’s safe management approval. 

The resumption of church activities will be planned in a gradual manner to ensure that safe management remains as top priority with consideration that some may not be ready to return to church.

As we enter into the new normal , we may not be able to head back to the way things were before. Let us remain faithful and seek the Lord’s will and purposes. Continue to pray for our leaders and church community as the church gears up for reopening. 

Stay tuned for more updates and details in the coming weeks.

Shalom !
GPC ESC Leadership

Advisory on COVID-19

26 Jun 2020: Advisory from the Glory English Service Leadership


Phase 2 which commenced from 19 Jun 2020 is about SAFE TRANSITION. The leadership has decided to adopt a cautious approach in resuming church activities even though the government has provided guidelines for the resumption of religious activities.


Over the next couple of weeks, we will observe how Phase 2 has impacted on the larger community while putting in place Safe Management Practices that will allow the church to progressively resume worship services and activities.


We understand some are anxious to gather soon, while some may take a while before feeling comfortable returning for corporate worship. We will proactively communicate and update the safety measures and precautions put in place as we gear up readiness for church activities. We seek your continued understanding and prayer support for our leaders and the church community.


We may not be heading back to the way things used to be, but the purpose and mission of the church do not dissipate. We go forward even though we are scattered. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any support or enquiries on how to stay connected and engaged in church activities.


May the God of peace be with you all, Amen!
Glory English Service Leadership

Advisory on COVID-19

27 Mar 2020 Advisory from ES Leaders to Congregation


Dear worshippers,


On Mar 24, 2020, Ministry of Health has announced sweeping new measures to minimize further spread of COVID-19 which includes suspending all religious services and congregation; and any group meetings to be limited to 10 people. 


GPC ES will continue with live streaming worship service beyond Apr 05, 2020. Sunday School classes, and all other physical activities and gatherings in the church premises remain suspended till further notice.

While buildings are being closed, churches are not being closed.


We are the CHURCH !


Worship continues via live streaming every Sunday, 9.30am at For assistance on live streaming, you can call helpline (8837 6685). Come join us online as we worship as One Church of Christ.  The recorded worship service will be accessible at same link from 4pm till midnight for the same Sunday the worship was held. Recorded sermon will remain available after 4pm. 


With disruptions of worship services, tithes and offering collection have been affected. We are trusting God with our finances in this uncertain and trying time through your cheerful giving. Giving can be made by cheques to “Glory Presbyterian Church” by mail, drop off at church office or via online banking to account: DBS 014-015555-4. Save this account number as your local recipient in your banking account to help make the correct transfers. 


CGs and other fellowship groups meetings should continue with available technology. Bible study and fellowship can be effective by meeting screen to screen if face to face is not possible. We are grateful for the technology that helps us stay in touch with each other.


Glory English Service WhatsApp Broadcast registration to date is only 25% of our worshippers and adoption has been slow. This new communication channel allows leadership to send out latest church updates especially during this pandemic period where situation is dynamic and physical gathering is restricted. If assistance is needed on registration, do reach out by calling our church office (6469 4761). SUBSCRIBE NOW at


Stay connected and in touch by visiting :
Website: (
Facebook: (
Instagram: (


We have faith that this time of isolation and safe distancing will not last forever. Please continue to pray for every fighter against COVID-19. Let us be united in the spirit, knowing that He is our Immanuel.  


GPC ESC Leadership