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The Care Group (CG) Ministry has a clear biblical basis for its existence. Take Acts 2: 36-47 as an example. This portion of Scripture tells us how fundamental, vital, wonderful, and important the CG ministry is in our church life. CG brings hope of eternity as we, as part of the body of Christ, reconcile with God through repentance and resting solely on the blood of Christ shed so undeservingly on the cross for us.

Now, in Jesus Christ, we are the precious children of God. We are also brothers and sisters, who are closely related with one another spiritually. Therefore, it is important for us to live a family life together as one body of Christ through CG.

CG ministry needs our prayers and participations. In love, unity and commitment, we can build God’s family for His own glory and the benefit of His people. Hence, the basic roles of CG as below:

  • Promoting spiritual growth through reading God’s Word.
  • Creating a platform for loving one another through caring.
  • Strengthening relationship-building through fellowshipping,
  • Giving opportunities for sharing the Good News through reaching out to non-Christians.

May God our heavenly Father grant us His faith, hope, and love that we will abide in the grace of His Son, Jesus Christ, and to experience the power of transformation through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Preacher Joseph Hiow Nyit Long.

For more information on CG ministry, please refer to the CG Handbook (.pdf )