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WHY IS THERE A ‘JUMP’ FELLOWSHIP?JUMP fellowship is part of the GPC YF. It is for those who are in Junior College
(Pre-U included); University ; Military (NSF) ; and Polytechnic (ITE included).

As the JUMPERS continue to be involved in our regular Friday GPC YF, there is a further need to address specific issues as they are at the turning points of their lives.

Hence, JUMPERS will also gather one Saturday a month for
encouragement in areas of leadership and decision-making in the light of God’s Word.
We believe our generation of young people has the potential to give and gain, by getting involved.

• JUMP Fellowship is only for any schooling youth and NSF from 18 to 23 years old

If you are a youth between 13-23 of schooling years or serving in the military, simply make Glory Youth Fellowship a part of your life by joining our meetings.

If you have passed this age but are passionate about this ministry, you can do any of the following:
o Be a youth sponsor for a youth program
o Be a adult helper in the youth ministry
o Host a stay over for a holiday program
o Remember the youth ministry in your prayer time