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Pr Dawn Tan

~ He (Abraham) … called upon the name of God. (Gen 12:8) ~

Crossing from one year into the next often causes us to think about our journey in life. There may be significant happenings or milestones in the past year that help us grow or change in some significant ways. Some milestones include becoming a grandparent, coping with an illness or the loss of a loved one, moving to a new house, changing school or job, getting baptized, going on a mission trip, etc. It may be a period of waiting, or moments where you find opportunities to share your spiritual experiences.

The Bible records many events in Abraham’s life. God brought him to places he had never been and promised that He would make Abraham’s descendant a great nation. God called Abraham to leave his home and family and by faith Abraham obeyed. One can imagine how daunting it is to take a step forward when the path ahead is uncharted or without a concrete plan. Under normal circumstances, Abraham’s decision to leave would be in question, but when God is in the picture, that’s something else. Throughout his journey, Abraham constantly placed his trust in God to lead him. How about you? Was there a significant change or milestone in your life last year which required you to trust God completely?

Last August marked a significant milestone in my life. I thank God that He gave me the assurance and the courage to share with the church leadership of my intention to move on, after serving at GPC for the last 10 years. It was a step of faith as I prepare for my next phase in life. Many were concerned about where I would go. I could only ask them to pray that God will show me. Thank God for the many who prayed for me! After much seeking and praying, I felt God’s leading for me to be further equipped! Hence, the decision to go for further studies. I appreciate your continued prayers for my application and God’s provision for my one year of study. As I look back, I am thankful for God’s leading and as I look ahead, I will continue to trust God for His faithfulness, guidance and provision.

What were some significant events in your life last year? And how will you mark milestones in this new year? I hope you will set aside time to seek God with these questions:
 How has my faith grow?
 Do I have genuine confidence in the Lord?
 Is my heart encouraged and my hands strengthened by God?
 What are some areas of my life that I need to surrender to God?
 Am I modelling for others what it is like to love and trust in the Lord?

I pray that the above is not a one-time exercise, but that as we live through each moment and milestone in our life, we will consistently do a self-check and grow stronger in faith in Him.